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HSRA Appeals Approval of the Feather River Inn Project

posted Dec 30, 2008, 8:02 PM by Stevee Duber   [ updated Jan 14, 2009, 3:19 PM ]
         Although we would whole-heartedly support renovation of the Feather River Inn and replacement of historic lodging facilities, the density of the project approved by the Zoning Administrator on December 23, 2008 is just way too much. The project proposes the construction of 176 dwelling units in 62 new buildings (24 Golf Cottages in 12 buildings; 56 Resort Chalets in 7 buildings;8 Resort Bungalows in 4 buildings; 88 Condominiums in 29 buildings) approximately 13 more buildings housing shops, maintenance facilities and a spa, 101 guest rooms in the Inn, as well as, extensive parking facilities and a substantilly enlarged Inn on 58 acres. Further, the process that the County has used to approve the project stretches definitions and regulations beyond the breaking point. The project also highlights the inadequacy of the General Plan's Open Space Element. The parcel is designated as Prime Recreation which is a component of the Open Space Element, however, the County has chosen to interpret its code to mean that the construction of unlimited numbers and sizes of lodging facilities in Recreation Zones is a right of the property developer. How does this policy protect Open Space? Want to know more? Check out HSRA's testimony at the hearing. See the map of the planned project. Read HSRA's evaluation of the General Plan.

If you agree that the proposed density is inappropriate, write to your Supervisor and/or come to the appeal hearing. Have questions? Contact Us