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Feather River Inn Update

posted Jan 22, 2009, 10:42 PM by Stevee Duber   [ updated Jan 22, 2009, 10:50 PM ]
     As reported earlier, the High Sierra Rural Alliance has appealed the Zoning Administrator's approval of the Feather River Inn Master Plan. The appeal hearing should be in early February. There is a lot of political pressure on the Board of Supervisors to move this project forward. For your review the HSRA has posted the staff recommendations and environmental documents for the Feather River Inn Master Plan here along with information about land use law in general. You can help the Plumas Board of Supervisors make the right decision by writing and requesting that they uphold the HSRA appeal, deny the Planned Development Permit and find the Environmental Impact Report inadequate. The Supervisors need to know the community supports them in voting against the Feather River Inn Master Plan project.
Write to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors
      It is best to write your own letter expressing your concerns about the project, but we know there isn't always time to compose a letter. Feel free to copy and paste the text below and edit it any manner you see fit. Plumas County board members email addresses can be found here. If you prefer to send the letter to the whole Board, send it to pcbs@countyofplumas.com
Sample letter:

Dear Supervisor [name], or Dear Members of the Board of Supervisors:

     I am concerned about negative impacts the Feather River Inn Master Plan may have in our region, community and environment. The project will change an historic landmark surrounded by open space into a residential subdivision with a potential population larger than most of the nearby towns.

     In justifying the legality of the Planned Development Permit the Schomac Group is requesting for the Master Plan, the Environmental Impact Report and Staff Recomendation contort legal definitions beyond recognizability. Approval of the project will further endorse an unacceptable level of uncertainty in the standards and laws regulating land use in Plumas County.

     The regulatory process is designed to guide developers toward a solution which is compatible with the opportunities and constraints presented by the law and the facts on the ground. This project, however, began with a Master Plan Map designed without benefit of environmental analysis or recognition of the regulatory framework. Clearly, from the beginning the developer's plan has been to trample land use regulations to achieve the vision of the developer rather than use the regulatory process to find a responsible solution. The project proponents, facilitated by the County, have spent the past three years squeezing the project through deceitfully created loopholes. Codified definitions have been disregarded. The clear intentions of policies have been reduced to nonsense. Subterfuge has been substituted for clarity. 

     Please, don't let a poorly planned development spoil a unique historic and aesthetic icon of Plumas County. Please, insist the County develop and maintain clear standards that are consistently enforced. Require the removal of all the “golf cottages” because they are “dwelling units” not “lodging facilities”. Require restoration of any sensitive habitat disturbed by activities permitted for the purposes of constructing "lodging facilities" which are actually residential condominiums. Require the restocking of the timber which was removed under false pretenses. Please, protect the constitutional rights to due process and equal protection under the law of the constituencies which you were elected to serve.


    [ Your Name ]

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