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Conversion of Resource Production Land to Residential

posted Dec 30, 2008, 4:45 PM by Stevee Duber

           Also, in January of 2008 the HSRA appealed the Plumas County Zoning Administrator's decision to approve a subdivision on lands designated as Resource Production Lands. The project known as the McMorrow Tentative Parcel Map and located on the banks of Spanish Creek is the latest in a series of subdivisions which has divided the former Charlton Ranch into smaller and smaller parcels between Quincy and Buck's Lake. This project highlights the lack of protection for resource production lands (agriculture, timber and mining) and open space lands in the County's General Plan. Since 2004 the HSRA has been advocating for an update of the General Plan to correct the problem.The Board of Supervisor's denied the appeal in November of 2008. The HSRA has appealed that decision to Superior Court. Want to know more? Read  HSRA's January  and March newsletters.